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Marketing is an investment to maximise,

not a cost to minimise


Translucent Consultancy is a Marketing Procurement Consultancy.

The founder and director, Patsy Fagan is a highly experienced Procurement Professional across different commodity groups.

Patsy gained much of her Procurement experience working in large corporate organisations in London (UK) and Pan Africa. These include the FSA and WSP group (UK) and SAB and Coca-Cola SA (Pan Africa)

She has a proven track record in delivering on big projects and finding savings and efficiencies which can then be re-invested wherever required.

Her ability to excel in what she does is not only due to her excellent career history and experience, but is also underpinned by strong academic studies in finance and commerce.

She is a certified CIPS (Chartered Institute Purchasing and Supply) member and has a BCOM (Business Commerce) degree in Marketing.


The company offers 4 core areas of expertise






To effectively measure quality – which in marketing procurement is as important as assessing cost – procurement needs to know what problems they are trying to solve. Sourcing partners that deliver the best value at the best price is what demonstrate procurement’s expertise and value-adding role. Unfortunately, the greatest challenge facing marketing procurement people today is still that procurement never truly owns the scope of work, nor the relationship of what they are tasked to buy. Choosing the right agency partner is a competitive advantage and the right team at the right investment can dramatically improve strategic, creative and ROI. By collaborating with your partners, you can determine the real metrics for efficiency and the real measurements for success. After all, what matters is what should be measured. Procurement that is committed to stable, high-performing partnerships stands to gain significant value, which – surprisingly – can deliver against the procurement targets without always being at the lowest cost.

Cost Consulting

Ensuring clients pay the right rates for the work being delivered and are able to measure value

Ensure companies are gaining value when spending with their suppliers. Output vs cost is massively important

Make sure companies are paying the right rates for the services they are paying by reviewing the spend data and where required re-negotiate on behalf of the client

Review spend areas by analysing the spend data. Provide clients with recommendations on the areas which could yield efficiencies and run these programmes. Also provide clients with a means of measuring effectiveness. Commodities which could be reviewed include Production, Media, Agency fees, Research, Digital Social, BTL projects.

Ensure that the projects are measurable and provide the right return of investment (ROI) which then links back to sales or volume

Marketing Productivity Programmes

Working with key stakeholders to identify programs that will deliver efficiencies

Working with key stakeholders within the business to review the Marketing programs that are running and those that are being planned. This will help identify the programs that have value to extract.

Run a Productivity Workshop with the key stakeholders to gain buy in and agree critical actions. Agree the timelines and output.

The output from the workshop might also find changes in process which would then be implemented through a change management programme.

Build an implementation plan to ensure success.

Build the procurement and marketing relationships.

Pitch Management

Helping clients, through a fare transparent process, get the right partners

Many clients find responding to Pitch requests difficult and timeous. Translucent Consultancy can assist in responding by giving them guidance on costs, helping with the format of the pitch and where required attend and deliver the pitch on the clients behalf.

Corporates also find it difficult to run pitches and ensure they are run in a fare and transparent manor. We offer managing the time consuming and complex pitch process on behalf of the client.

All communication is kept completely confidential at all times

Relationship Management

Building key strategic relationships which allow for long term partnerships

Assisting senior management to build good relationships from the start of the partnership.

Address key issues at a senior level by building an action plan on how to fix the issues and ensure these are implemented

Review the capabilities of the team working on the clients work and ensure they can deliver to the expectations required.

Strategic Management relationships – at times it is necessary to provide mediating services when issues cannot be resolved via the normal route.

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